10 Healthy Travel Essentials

10 Healthy Travel Essentials | Jennifer Diaz

For me, this month includes quite a bit of traveling. I'm heading out of town on a girls trip this weekend and I can't even explain how excited I am to explore a new, very warm and sunny place! I love to travel and I have a long list of places I hope to visit in my lifetime. Traveling renews our sense of adventure, satisfies our curiosity, and gives us new perspective. Not to mention, taking time for some R&R is crucial to living a healthy, balanced life!

As much as I love to travel, I'm very aware of how difficult it can be to stay on track with your goals and healthy habits. Learning new, healthy behaviors can be challenging when we're in our normal routine, let alone when we're put in completely different environments! As Spring Break quickly approaches, I'm going to try and do my best in upcoming posts to give you examples of how I stay healthy and mindful of my goals when I travel. My goal is to satisfy the wanderlust, while also keeping health and wellness a top priority! 

Below are my top 10 healthy travel essentials that keep me on track while I'm away:

10 Healthy Travel Essentials | Jennifer Diaz

1. S'well Water Bottle

This is not the first time I've raved about the S'well. I always carry it with me! For starters, I hate it when water bottles sweat, so I pour the water I buy (obviously after getting through security) into my S'well. That way it doesn't sweat all over my magazines and books, and it stays cold all day! About 70% of us live in a constantly dehydrated state (crazy, huh?). And because of the air pressure and lack of humidity in planes, we become even more dehydrated when we fly. Staying hydrated is incredibly important for our overall health. Drinking the proper amount of water (divide your weight in half and that's how many ounces of water you should drink a day) improves our bladder, kidney, and digestive functions. It also reduces acne, improves the condition of our skin, helps us maintain healthy weight, and reduces fatigue. A low humidity environment (i.e. airplanes) reduces the moisture in your airways.  When the lining of your airways dries up, they cannot properly trap germs that are attempting to invade your body. All the more reason to drink up!

2. Resistance Bands

I love being able to get a quick workout in when I travel. Resistance bands take up very little space and are perfect for a total body routine! Another plus is that these are really cost-effective. I bought mine on Amazon!

3. Truvia

I love coffee. And by coffee, I mean I love a little coffee with my cream and sugar. I've tried to gradually switch to drinking it black, but I hate it. Thankfully, we have healthier options for sweeteners (that are also no calorie) like Truvia and Stevia. I always have this in my purse just in case a restaurant or coffee shop doesn't offer a natural sweetener.

4. Healthy Snacks

I have yet to experience airport food that I absolutely love, so I always make sure to bring a few of my favorite, on-the-go healthy snack options. Both Think Thin and Kind bars are great options! (My favorites are the crunchy peanut butter and brownie Think Thins, and the Dark Chocolate Almond + Sea Salt Kind Bars.) I've also been known to make and bring my own trail mix and protein balls. I recently tried this delicious recipe for Salted Caramel Snickerdoodle Protein Bites from Lindsey of Cotter Crunch and I will definitely be bringing them with me this weekend!

5. Inspiration

I always grab a couple of my favorite magazines to browse through, as well as whatever book I'm currently reading! I also carry my meditation journal with me in case I get a burst of inspiration, or just need to jot down a few mental notes.

6. Hand Lotion + Chapstick

I love this elizabethW Cucumber Hand Cream. It's 7% shea butter, making it seriously hydrating, and the mix of ginseng, ivy, cucumber, and comfrey gives off a super refreshing scent! I'm pretty sensitive to smells, so I always appreciate it when people are conscious of the kind of perfume they wear on planes. Close quarters = light and fresh scents! This Rainwater Farm mint lip balm is one of my all time favorites! I bought it at our local farmer's market and have been obsessed ever since. It's made of all natural ingredients and is intensely hydrating and very long-lasting! 

7. Hand Sanitizer

If you know (or married) someone who took a microbiology class, you're probably loaded up with this stuff. This is one reason why I have to have the aforementioned hand lotion with me at all times. I mean, airports and planes are incredibly dirty, so better safe than sick!

8. Everly

Sometimes plain water bores me, which is really unfortunate since staying hydrated is crucial for our health (see #1). So instead of reaching for something sugary, Everly is the perfect water accessory. The flavors are delicious (the peach mango is my favorite) and they're sweetened with all natural ingredients. Not only does it taste great, but when you purchase a box of Everly, they donate a portion of the proceeds to ColaLife, a non-profit organization that provides life-saving Oral Rehydration Salts to mothers in rural Zambia, saving children who are sick with waterborne disease. So you can stay hydrated, support a great cause, and enjoy your H2O without the concerning side effects of aspartame. Wins all around!

9. FashionABLE Mamuye Leather Tote

This tote is amazing! It's huge and I can fit everything I need inside it. It's also really sturdy and the leather wears beautifully. One of the things I've strived towards this year is to be more intentional about the items I purchase. Whenever I can, I do my best to support brands who are ethical and serve a greater purpose. FashionABLE is an amazing company that creates jobs for women in Africa, greatly impacting the communities from which they do business. I love their mission and how they empower women in those communities. They have a lot of awesome stuff you can check out here

10. Not Pictured: My Neck Pillow

Judge me all you want, but you won't find me snuggling up to a stranger or laying my head down on the food tray in front of me (Insert a Jimmy Fallon worthy EW!). I don't enjoy the feeling of being tired and unable to fall asleep because you're incredibly uncomfortable. Also, making sure your neck stays in proper alignment helps prevent knots (or "cricks") in the neck and upper back muscles. Keeping these muscles loose and pliable protects the spine and helps you avoid unwanted headaches and pains.

Here's to happy, healthy traveling! What's the one item you can't travel without?