Why This Season is the Best Time to Focus on Your Goals


Happy October! This is my favorite time of year, and I’m hoping and praying this month will finally bring the fall temps everyone in the south has been dreaming about. I’m currently sitting on my couch wearing a sweater, with our AC set on 67 degrees because I’m refusing to accept the reality that it is 97 degrees outside.

It’s officially the beginning of the final quarter of the year and the beginning of the holiday season. This is one of THE BEST and most important times to revisit your vision and focus on your goals.

Why? Because you can actually accomplish quite a bit in 3 months, and the more you can take care of yourself, the more you’ll enjoy this busy season. Not to mention going into a new year with positive momentum is probably one of the best feelings ever, and will absolutely set you up to have a massively successful 2020. If you don't believe me, take it from one of the women in my group program:


And if you’re thinking, “but, Jen, it’s the busiest season. What if I don’t have time to focus on my goals?” I'll ask you this (with love of course 😬): You seriously think you’re ever going to reach your goals if you ignore them for 1/4 of the entire year?! No. Please don’t do that. You’d be amazed at how much you can accomplish in 3 months, EVEN if they’re busy ones (and let’s all be honest, when is life not busy these days?).

The best time to start is right now. So here’s how you can make the most out of the the last quarter of 2019:

Know where you want to be in 3 months. The exercise below is designed to help you gain clarity on what you want/need more of in your life. Get out a pen and a notebook or journal and answer these questions:

Imagine yourself 3 months from now. It’s the end of 2019, and you’re about to enter a new year. You’ve made progress and are excited to start 2020 off with positive momentum.

How does that feel for you?

Do you feel healthy, fit, and confident? Are you happy? Are you excited about the work you’re doing? Do you feel fulfilled? Calm?

Settle into those feelings for a minute.

Now, what types of things are you doing to support those feelings?

Are you prioritizing your health? Do you have a regular workout routine? Are you cooking more meals at home? Did you start a new devotion or meditation practice? Are you setting boundaries in your work or relationships? Making time for yourself and the people you love?

Maybe you’ve discovered a new creative hobby. Or you took the leap to pursue a job that better aligned with your purpose and talents.

Visualize yourself going through a day or a week like that. Think about how proud you are of yourself and all the progress you made. Get detailed.

After you’ve got a good idea of where you want to be, come up with 3-5 behaviors that support how you want to feel and what you want to be doing consistently in 3 months. Then plan them out and focus on them for the next month.

WRITE THEM DOWN on paper. Then look at them every day. This Full Focus quarterly planner is by far the best resource I have found when it comes to writing out your goals and planning them. I’ve tried so many different planners and journals and this one beats all the others by a landslide. I’ve never felt more organized and focused on what I need to accomplish. So I 10/10 recommend it.

Start to foster your self-belief. This is probably the most crucial factor. You can start by paying attention to your self-talk. Are you encouraging and positive? Do you think to yourself, "oh yeah, you can totally do that." Or are you harsh and negative, thinking, "ugh that's so hard, there's no way you can do it."

If you want to move forward faster, I highly suggest adopting a positive mentality. Then get a few quick wins under your belt by keeping small promises to yourself. If you have a goal of getting up early, wake up when your alarm goes off. If you want to get to the gym 3 times this week, put it on your calendar and treat it like an appointment. It's like a snowball effect. Small wins build up and quickly turn into major wins, improving your self-belief.

Do a weekly review. At the end of each week, get your planner out and review your goals from the previous week, and plan out the week ahead based on your schedule. Not all weeks look the same, and the best way to move forward and make progress long-term is to understand how to ebb and flow with the changes in each week. Plan based on what you have on your schedule for that week and what you need most. I love doing this on Sunday afternoons. I usually grab a cup of coffee, light my favorite candle (which I linked below), and go over what worked/what didn’t in the previous week, and then plan out my week ahead.

So grab a pen and a journal or planner and carve out some time this week to dedicate to your goals. I promise, in the very near future, you’ll be so happy you did!


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