5 Fitness Apps Worth Downloading

5 Fitness Apps Worth Downloading | Jennifer Diaz

When it comes to staying on track with your health and fitness goals, having multiple motivators/options in place can make a big impact! There are so many unknowns about each day and we can easily get sidetracked due to unexpected happenings. One important piece of goal setting is creating a backup plan. You have a much higher chance of being successful if you have a few other strategies at your disposal. Let's say you set a goal to hike 3 times this week, but it's been pouring rain and the trails are a muddy mess. How can you still get your exercise in? Or maybe you're really wanting some accountability and direction with your eating habits, but you're not able to work directly with a nutritionist. What can you find that will give you guidance and accountability? 

Luckily, accountability comes in many forms, and thanks to the ever-advancing tech world, we have an endless supply of motivational assistance! So if you can't make it to that workout class, or it's too muddy for a hike, or you aren't sure how to begin changing your nutritional habits, here are a few apps you can download to help you continue moving towards your goals:

1. Nike Training Club


I'm a big fan of this one! I have days when, after coming up with workouts for my clients, the last thing I feel like doing is coming up with my own. The NTC app allows you to choose what workouts you'd like to do, as well as create your own personal plan based on your desired goals and current fitness level. They offer a wide variety of options for all levels. You also have the ability to track your workouts and connect with other NTC users to make it more fun and keep your motivation high! 

2. YogaGlo

This app is one of my go-tos on days that I'm not able to make it to an actual yoga class. It costs $18 a month (almost the same price as a single yoga class), and it allows you access to hundreds of different yoga practices. I love the way I feel after I practice yoga, and since I'm not always able to make it to a studio, YogaGlo has allowed me to maintain a consistent routine. From beginner to advanced, they seriously have a class for everyone. Some classes are 10 minutes and others are 90 minutes. So, depending on where you are in your practice, you can create a personal program that you can do anywhere and will benefit you!

3. Interval Timer


If you're a fan of interval workouts this free app is a must! I use it  for all of my HIIT and Tabata style workouts. It allows you to customize the number of sets, low interval time, high interval time, rest time, and warm-up/cool-down time for your workout. That way, you can focus on performing the actual exercises, rather than having to look at your watch every few seconds to make sure you're on track. You also have the ability to save the intervals you create and you can play your music from it, which is a big plus!

4. My Fitness Pal

I've used this one for a few years now. Maintaining awareness of what you eat is beneficial to your overall health, especially if you have specific nutrition goals. If you're beginning a weight loss plan, studies show that people who keep a daily food log lose twice as much weight as those who do not. My Fitness Pal is a great tool to keep track of your daily food intake. It has one of the largest food databases and is incredibly easy to enter information into. It also allows you to connect with others, and it sends out daily reminders so you don't forget to record your meals. It's compatible with Fitbit and Apple Watch, so you can be sure to get a close-to-accurate measurement of your daily physical activity vs. caloric intake!

5. Stop, Breathe, & Think


It's no secret that we live in a very fast-paced society. Stress can take a massive toll on our health, and it's a challenge for many of us to slow down, breathe deeply, and center our thoughts. Stop, Breathe, and Think is a wonderful little app that helps introduce a little more calm into our daily routines. Research shows that meditation can have quite a few amazing benefits, such as decreased levels of stress, depression, anxiety, and pain, while also increasing our quality of life. The app's guided meditations can add some much needed stress-relieving mindfulness to our day. It's quickly become one of my favorites!

What do you use to stay on track? Are there any other apps I should check out?