5 Tips For Having A Good Day

5 Tips For Having a Good Day | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Kelsey Cherry

5 Tips For Having a Good Day | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Kelsey Cherry

I'm a big believer in the way you begin your day strongly dictates the kind of day you'll have. Having a healthy morning routine is so important! It helps set the tone for the rest of the day, and plays a major role in how we feel, the way we think, and how we respond to others. Personally, my ideal morning would begin with a big cup of coffee, meditation/journaling, followed by a walk or run with Luna, and a little yoga before I begin my work day. But as much as I wish I could adopt that as a steady morning routine, it's not always a reality for me. One of the only consistent parts about my schedule is that it is constantly changing, requiring me to be fairly adaptable with my routines.

Although I begin the majority of my days at 5 or 6am, I am by no means a morning person. Some days, it can really be hard getting out of the warm, cozy, comfort of my bed, regardless of the time. Honestly, my first waking thought is often, "How soon can I get back here?" 

As a result, the snooze button and I have a long, rocky past together. And it is a goal of mine to end that relationship for good. It tempts me with more sleep, which I seem to never get enough of, only to leave me in a frenzy as I try to leave on time. I then end up feeling rushed for the majority of the day. Oh, there's a price for everything, isn't there? 

This is not exactly how I prefer to wake up in the morning, let alone go through my day. I'd rather be intentional about starting it with things that bring me joy and make me feel healthy, so that I can enjoy my day being present, aware of my decisions, and experience fulfilling interactions with other people. 

So how can those of us with inconsistent schedules create a healthy morning routine that we can maintain, regardless of how early we rise? Here are 5 simple things I've implemented into my mornings that help me have positive and successful days:

1. Prep the night before

Plan for the next morning by laying out your clothes for the next day, getting your coffee ready to brew (hallelujah for self-timers), and preparing the ingredients you'll need for breakfast. This is the most crucial step for me! When it comes to getting ready, I usually underestimate the amount of time it takes me to actually walk out the door. If I spend a few minutes preparing the night before, I find that I'm not only ready on time, but I actually have a few extra minutes to spare. This allows me space to write in my gratitude journal, or create my to-do list for the day, helping me feel calm and not rushed.

2. Have something to look forward to

To help you avoid hitting that sabotaging snooze button, find something you can look forward to and enjoy without much effort, first thing in the morning. Maybe wake up to your favorite song, or read your favorite mantra/devotion for the day. I like to keep a journal on my nightstand, so that I can write down something I'm thankful for before getting out of bed. One of my favorite things to do is to set my coffee machine's self-timer to match my alarm, so that as soon my alarm goes off, I can hear it brewing. It's a wonderful feeling to know that freshly brewed coffee will greet me as soon as I step out of bed. Maybe waking up isn't so hard after all. :) 

3. Read over your vision statement

I place high value on vision statements. I believe, if you're wanting to live intentionally, vision statements provide the compass to our best lives. If you haven't written one, I encourage you to do so! You can learn a lot about yourself in the process. If you're not sure how to begin, click here and I'll walk you through it. Beginning your day with your statement puts you in a positive mindset, reminding you to make decisions that align best with the vision you have for your life. Being aware is one of the most important parts of successfully making changes!

4. Drink a glass of water

The average person loses about 10 cups of water each day just by breathing, sweating, and going to the bathroom. So just imagine how dehydrated we become after sleeping! Our bodies are made up of approximately 70% water, so staying properly hydrated is incredibly important. Water helps us increase our energy levels, avoid headaches, improve the condition of our skin, aid in our digestion, and help us reach and maintain a healthy weight. If you're needing some extra help waking up, and not feeling "foggy," try drinking a large glass of water first thing in the morning. Oh, and if you're a coffee lover like me, coffee is a natural diuretic, so be sure to drink 1 cup of water for every 1 cup of joe! You may be surprised at how energetic and focused you'll feel just by drinking water!

5. Positive Vibes Only: Create a happy music playlist

For centuries, we've been studying the effects that music has on us. I love music! I listen to it in the car, when I'm working out, while I'm cooking, and even as I'm writing this. It's such an important part of cultures all over the world. It's even been proven that listening to your favorite tunes can increase your dopamine levels. I know from experience that if I don't have the right kind of music to listen to when I work out, my workout may not be quite as effective (or enjoyable). This study show that you can even increase your levels of happiness by listening to positive music. So why not create a playlist of your favorite, mood-boosting songs to listen to as you're getting ready or during your drive to work? 

I hope these tips help you to wake up, feel refreshed, and get you ready to take on the day ahead! What is your favorite part about the mornings?