6 Exercises For Strong Shoulders


Photography by Kelsey Cherry

Just because the temperatures are beginning to drop and we're starting to put away the sleeveless shirts doesn't mean that having strong, well-defined shoulders are going out of season! We constantly use the muscles in our shoulders for so many basic day-to-day activities and I can't stress enough how imperative it is to make sure those muscles are healthy and strong!

The shoulder joint is a multi-axial ball and socket joint, meaning it is the most movable joint in the body. Because of this, the ligaments (the tissue that connects bone to bone) are looser to allow for full range of motion, which also makes this one of the most injured joints in the body. Of these injuries, the most common include the rotator cuff muscles. In fact, they are so common that I'd make a safe bet that either you or someone you know has experienced a related injury! 

So what exactly is this rotator cuff that everyone is injuring? Within the shoulder joint, there are 4 small muscles whose tendons (what connects the muscles to the bone) cross the front, top, and rear head of the humerus bone. These little muscles play vital roles for maintaining a healthy range of motion, as well as basic upper body strength. Therefore, it is essential to develop muscular strength and endurance in these muscles so you can avoid injury, maintain a healthy full range of motion for everyday activities, and properly tone and develop the larger shoulder muscles. 

Together, these 6 exercises below, target all 9 muscles involved in the full range of motion in the shoulder joint!  Perform each exercise 3 times for 8-12 repetitions using a weight that allows for proper form but is also challenging towards the last few repititions.

Equipment needed: Resistance Band or Cable Machine and Dumbbells. 

Photos By Kelsey Cherry // Graphic Designed by Am May Paper

Here's to beautiful, strong, and healthy shoulders all year round!