6 Must-Read Self Improvement Books For 2017

6 Must-Read Self Improvement Books for 2017 | Jennifer Diaz | What to read in 2017 | Self-Help Books | Best Weight Loss Books | Finance Books 2017 | The Universe Has Your Back |  Books on Health and Wellness

With a little more than a week under our belt, 2017 is in full swing! I'm engaging with my own goals, as well as helping clients set and reach theirs! As I've said before, I love this time of year!

Many of my goals for 2017 prioritize my overall mentality over anything else. 2016 was a big year of learning for me, both professionally and personally, and it brought to light a few mental habits that were not serving me very well. So, as I say farewell to 2016 and welcome this new year with open arms, I'm working to redefine a few of those patterns in my life. After all, change begins in the mind! My goal for this year is to feel optimistic, calm, and balanced, and to be intentional about making decisions from a place of self-love and respect.

When it comes to altering my mentality, I often search for inspiring books as references. I really love to read! If you know me, I've most likely recommended at least one book to you in the time we've spent together. Research shows that reading can be one of the most effective ways for us to relax! It allows us to escape and causes our brains to concentrate on one thing. It takes about 6 minutes of reading silently for our heart rate to slow down and the tension to leave our muscles. 

There have been many books that have had major impacts on my life (Tuesdays with Morrie, The Shack, and Scary Close, to name a few). All of these have challenged my thinking, highlighted what really matters most to me, and have inspired and taught me how to improve various aspects of my life.

So this year, I've decided to make it a goal to fill my mind with books that encourage the kind of life I want to live: healthy, balanced, optimistic, and open.

Below are the books I will be reading (+ a few I've previously enjoyed) that I would highly recommend to you!

Written by Greg Hottinger and Michael Scholtz, two health and wellness coaches I highly respect, this book is full of wisdom, encouragement, and actionable tips on how to make healthy lifestyle changes that will stick with you no matter the season of life! So if you're tired of trying and failing at quick-fixes, temporary solutions, and fad diets, and are ready to make serious, lasting change, this is a MUST read! I've recently recommended it to all of my clients and it's been an awesome tool to promote healthy thoughts and behaviors! 

I cannot recommend this book enough. I'm on my second pass of reading this gem and it really has shifted my perspective on how and why I make the decisions I do, as well as how I speak to myself. We are often our own worst enemy, and fellow health coach, Melissa Ambrosini, does a wonderful job of teaching us how to recognize the negative voice inside our heads (our "mean girl"), and how to overcome it so we can live a healthy, abundant life! 

Shauna Niequist has an incredible gift for being able to beautifully articulate her thoughts and experiences. She bravely shares how she reached a point in her life where everything felt completely out of her control. She takes you through her mind shifts as she began focusing on what mattered most to her and creating a life that reflected that. There are so many valuable nuggets of wisdom in this book that remind us to make sure we're prioritizing the most important things in our lives, with a focus on being present over perfect.

I haven't read the latest offering from Rob Bell yet, but my husband highlighted different passages for me as he made his way through it during the holidays. I love books that touch on the subject of courageously pursuing dreams, living in the present moment, and finding joy in our lives, and from what little I've read, I can't wait to start this book! I have a feeling it'll be a quick and powerful read!

Living in a "more is better" culture, where approximately 76% of people live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of income, money is a very important topic to address. It's also a topic that greatly impacts our wellbeing. In Rachel Cruze's new book, she shines light on one of the most damaging things we can do in regards to our finances: comparing ourselves to others. This book gives us actionable steps that teaches us how to use money in a way that aligns with our personal values, and will set us up for success in the future! I'm really looking forward to reading and implementing this one!

Meditation expert, Gabby Bernstein, is a leader in today's wellness landscape. Her book, The Universe Has Your Back, is designed to teach us how to turn our fear into faith and truly live out our greatest purpose. I began meditating last year, and it has quickly become one of my favorite parts of the day. I can't wait to see what wisdom Gabby shares in this New York Times bestseller!

Reading before bed is one of my favorite ways to wind down, and I'm excited to see what I learn as I read through these books!

I'd love to know what books you'd recommend! Feel free to comment below with your suggestions! 


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