7 No Crunch Core Exercises with Eric

7 No Crunch Core Exercises to Strengthen and Tone Your Abs

This is the first guest post I’ve ever had on my blog! But tbh this doesn’t really feel like a “guest” post because:

  1. Eric has proofread and edited just about everything I’ve ever posted (if you see a typo or run-on sentence, it’s because I posted it before he looked at it).

  2. He’s been my full-time business partner for over a year now.

So it’s more like you’re getting to see the other (some would argue better, definitely goofier) half of the business. And I really hope you enjoy it, because we’re working on some fun and exciting things for the future, so you’ll be seeing quite a bit more of him!

So without further (I literally just had to ask him if this phrase was “adieu” or “to do” 😂) adieu, here’s Eric:

There are no good or bad exercises. But if I had to pick one to add to my Mt. Rushmore of exercises I like the least, crunches would for sure earn their spot. So I like to utilize other movements that will target the core and abdominals, but also not make me go crazy.

So without further…to do 😜