But First, Create Your Vision Statement

Create Your Vision Statement | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Q Avenue Photo

Create Your Vision Statement | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Q Avenue Photo

Creating vision statements is one of my favorite parts of coaching! The process itself is always moving, exciting, and full of possibilities! Setting aside time to dream about who you really want to be, and visualizing your ideal life is so invigorating. 

In my opinion, a vision statement is the foundation on which you build your wellness. It is the final destination on your map, and the catalyst for goal setting. 

You must first define your destination before you can determine your best route. 

So how do we create an effective vision statement? Your statement should move you by resonating with your deepest values. It should summarize what your life looks like when you are at your very best, including specific behaviors and emotions. An effective statement is one of the keys to long-term motivation.  As a reminder of your "why," it can push you through times of adversity.  

So let’s sit down and grab a pen and some paper (studies show that when we physically write things down, it boosts our memory and we have a better chance of retaining the information). Now, take a couple of really deep breaths and imagine yourself reaching your goals and living your life the way you dream of living it. What does that look like? What things are important to you? How do you feel? Physically, emotionally, and even spiritually? What kinds of activities and tasks do you engage in throughout your day? Why do you desire to make these changes?

Start writing down everything that comes to mind. Don’t worry about it making sense, this is the brainstorming part and we want to make sure we get everything down on paper. For instance, these are my notes:

So many uplifting words… If you’re starting to feel all rainbows and butterflies, just know that is normal. Don’t let fear begin to tell you to be more practical, because that will kill your progress before you even begin. Dream and dream big!

Now that you’ve jotted down all your notes, let’s start putting them into sentences. When you are writing this out, make sure you write from the perspective of your future self who has succeeded. All your sentences should begin with “I am…” Not, “I will…” or “I’m going to…” And definitely not, “I’ll try to…” 

When you write statements in an affirmative present tense, like “I am,” you are more likely to follow that up with the appropriate actions leading you to success! 

Below is my personal vision statement that I’ve written out (this is one time that I really wish I had amazing handwriting).

Once you’ve written it out, place it somewhere (or multiple places) you will see it often. Frame it if you want! Read it each day, let it permeate your mind, becoming easy to recall at will. I like to read mine in the morning to get me on the right track before I begin my day!

What does your statement include? Who will you be when you’ve reached your destination?