Cyber Monday Health & Wellness Gift Ideas

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Happy Cyber Monday, friends!

As much as I love visiting my favorite local shops here in town, if you give me an option between encountering road rage, fighting for parking spots, nudging my way through the holiday crowds, and sifting through items in a store, OR sitting at home in my comfiest yoga pants, sipping on a warm beverage, and listening to my favorite Christmas playlist as I scroll through some of the latest deals online, you'd better believe I'm going with the latter! Internet shopping may just be one of the best and most dangerous things ever invented!

Since there are still some great sales going on today, I wanted to share a few of my favorite items that would make great gifts for the people in your life who love all things health and wellness:

1. Wellness Essentials

Whenever I spend time praying and meditating, I do my best to create a comfortable, distraction-free environment. The right ambiance helps me feel calm, relaxed, centered, and ready to practice mindfulness. Below are a few things I use during those times to help me look forward to my meditation the most!

2. Workout Essentials

From the right kind of socks and sports bras (believe me, these two things make all the difference), to making sure my headphones and water bottle are in my bag, these are the things that help set me up for an enjoyable and effective workout. Lately, I've been doing my best to have everything packed and ready to go the night before, so I don't scramble and inevitably forget something the next day! Feeling comfortable helps us focus on what we're doing, so we can work hard and not worry about anything else. And feeling like we look cute never hurts either!

3. Athleisure Essentials

It's not often that I have time to go home and shower immediately after my workout. Luckily, these days ahtleisure is a thing (hallelujah!)! We're busy, especially during this time of year, so being able to run errands and check things off our to-do lists before and after a workout are huge helps! I'm not sure about you, but I'm way more likely to get my workout in if I know I can head straight to my next destination and still look presentable (not applicable after hot yoga)! Below are a few of my favorite things that are easy to slip on and off as I'm going to and from a workout.

4. Kitchen Essentials

I love cooking when I have plenty of time and energy. As for the other 80% of the time, I'm so thankful for appliances that make prepping meals quicker and easier. My top favorites are the Vitamix blender (expensive, but worth every penny), the 12- cup food processor, and the 4-blade spiralizer below. I won't lie, initially I was intimidated by the food processor and spiralizer, but once I figured out how to use them (a.k.a. read the very clear directions), they have saved me so much time and angst in the kitchen. I hate getting into a rut when it comes to making healthy meals, so I often search for inspiration in cookbooks. These are definitely worth pulling ideas from!

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your favorite health nut (or yourself)! I know I've enjoyed using many of these products, and as for the others, they're on my list for this year! 

What's your favorite health/wellness item?

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