Creating Space for Health


There is something about the ocean that always brings me back to what matters most in my life; my core values, personal goals, who I desire to be, and how I want to live my life. Maybe it's the clean line of the horizon, or the fact that it's made up of only a few basic colors. Perhaps it’s the consistent resolve of the rising waves crashing into the shore. Or the soothing sounds of seagulls, laughter, and moving water.

It's a beautifully vast place free of clutter.

Spending time at the beach makes me crave simplicity.  It gives me the desire to strip away the distractions that subtly sneak into our daily lives.

As I was coming home, I was inspired to create a similar calm atmosphere in my daily life that allows me to be mindful of what is most important and will lead me closer to my vision statement.

I took a step back and assessed various areas of my life where I thought could use some decluttering and I realized how much they are all intertwined. When my home is clean and organized, I am calmer and more productive. When my finances are on budget, my stress levels decrease. When my schedule is well planned, I am focused and I no longer have to scramble.

It’s all about balance. Cutting out some of the unnecessary creates more room for healthy habits and a stress-free environment!

I wanted to begin with something tangible. Something I could accomplish quickly and immediately see the benefits. Small wins are really great motivators when it comes to staying on the right track with long term goals. I chose to begin decluttering our home.

“Where could I begin? What room do I want to work on first? How in the world to you start?! Does this mean I have to become a minimalist? But I don’t want to live without Netflix!”  Dramatic, I know. I have a difficult time seeing a project and then separating it into smaller tasks. I see it as a whole. One massive undertaking. I get overwhelmed, discouraged, and quit before I even begin. Thankfully, my husband always approaches me during these times with the phrase “How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.” * A thought pattern that does not come naturally to me. However, knowing he was right (but not telling him), I sat down and asked myself some pointed questions:
        Where do I spend the majority of my time?
        What is the messiest area?
        What would be the quickest area to work on first?
        What area do I dread working on most?

After answering these questions, I found my starting point: My Office. It’s the smallest room and I spend quite a bit of time in there during the week. I wanted the space to feel inspiring and be a place where I could easily stay focused and energized.

Stay tuned! I'll share my progress with you in the near future and will also talk about the process of organizing, asking for help, and creating a space that is inspiring and inviting for you personally!

As I continue to learn more about my personal process for decluttering, I am open to any and all advice!

What areas in your home or life could use some decluttering? What healthy activities would you like to create space for in your life?

*Neither my husband nor I encourage or condone the actual consumption or killing of elephants! They are beautiful and endangered animals that should be respected and protected. 🐘✌🏼