Downloadable Phone Backgrounds

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Over the past few years, I've made more of an effort to be intentional about the messages I allow into my daily life. When I think about the different ways I'd like to feel throughout my day, words like joyful, positive, happy, present, and thriving often come to mind. I feel my best when I'm living in close alignment with my values, and I want the decisions I make, the things and people I surround myself with, and the environment I'm in to support those feelings and values. Through trial and error, I've learned that when it comes to making intentional changes, I'm much more successful when I start small.

To begin, I thought about a few ways I could create more opportunities for positive thoughts and messages during my day, and I asked myself, "What do I look at and rely on the most during the day?" Easy answer: my phone. Since I use my phone quite frequently, I want the first thing I see when I grab it to be an empowering, positive, and inspiring message.

I teamed up with one of my closest friends, Amy May, who also happens to be an insanely talented calligrapher (see more of her work here: Amy May Paper), to help me create a few iPhone backgrounds to share with you, so you could add a little encouragement and happiness to your screen as well! 

Simply click on any of the 9 images you wish to download and it will take you to a new screen where you can save the file to your phone!

Whether you need a pick me up, a powerful mantra, or just a simple reminder to enjoy the little moments, I hope these pretty phone backgrounds bring some positivity to your day!