How To Lunge with Proper Form

How to Lunge with Proper Form. Mistakes to avoid when you’re doing lunges + 4 different types of lunges to add to your workouts to. strengthen and tone your legs and glutes.

Our legs contain some of the largest, most used muscle groups in our body. From walking, to sitting down, standing to balancing, going down a flight of stairs, and standing back up from playing on the floor with your kid (or pet), so many of our daily moves involve the legs. All of that to say, friends don’t let friends skip leg day.

I want you to be able to do all the things without second thought! My favorite thing to hear as a trainer is “Jen, I put my shoes on today standing on one leg and it wasn't even hard!”

Yes. Those every day mobility improvements give me life. So in the video below I’m sharing one of my favorite lower body exercises that will help you strengthen and tone your quads (the front of your leg) and your glutes (they need no introduction). I’m talking about common mistakes people make with this move, the proper form for 4 of my favorite variations, and the difference between them as well.

Let me know if you have any questions about lunges! Or any other exercise for that matter!