How to Perform a Full Push-Up Properly

How to Do a Full Push-Up Properly. Make sure you avoid these common mistakes when your doing push-ups.

I’ve had this conversation with quite a few of my new female clients lately. They’d love to be able to do a full push-up, but they feel super weak and aren’t sure how to get there.

Push-ups are a really hard exercise. There are so many muscles involved you should actually consider them a full-body move. And I see people do them wrong ALL THE TIME. It is so important to feel strong and capable, so I think you should be able to do a full push-up. And if you can’t do one yet, start working and you’ll be there before you know it!

In the video below, I’m sharing a few common mistakes that people often make, how to work on your push-up form properly, and why the common adjustment, “keep your butt down” might not be the best advice.

If there are any other exercises you’d like to learn more about, let me know in the comments below!