Monthly Mantra: I Am Capable

Monthly Mantra: I Am Capable | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by  Amy May Paper

Monthly Mantra: I Am Capable | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by Amy May Paper

I'm really excited to begin another series this month, especially since it's about a topic that's been on my mind for quite a while! After spending the past few weeks immersed in vision statements and goal setting, I’ve quickly realized how much so many of us are in need of time to slow down and be still. It has become a priority goal for myself and many of my clients; to slow down, sit quietly, and be present. Personally, I’ve always been intrigued by meditation. I’ve incorporated it into my yoga practice and have noticed improvement in my overall mentality and stress levels. Aside from the amazing, stress-reducing benefits of deep breathing, numerous studies show the wonderful benefits that positive visualization and meditation can have on our minds and bodies. 

Taking time to be still, breathe deeply, and think positively can help strip away the clutter of daily life. It allows you to see things more clearly and better connect with your values. One of my goals for this year is to start a regular meditation practice. During my latest session with my coach (oh yes, coaches have coaches), we talked about ways to incorporate more mindfulness into my life, so I will be able to reach aspects of my vision statement that are really important to me: being present, positive, and calm. Since I’m a fairly novice meditator, we set an appropriate goal of spending 5 minutes during the mornings, sitting on a blanket near my favorite windows, taking deep breaths, and concentrating on one word or phrase, and visualizing myself succeeding at whatever it is that I'm working on for that particular day! Today is my day 1 and I can't wait to see how this unfolds!

For the rest of January, I'll be focusing on the phrase “I am capable.” The word capable means having the ability or quality necessary to achieve something desired. There are often times in life, maybe due to a past failure or the fear of the unknown, when we don't feel we are capable at all. If you’ve been feeling stuck for a while and aren’t sure how to move forward, positive visualization is a great place to start. Our thoughts come before our actions. Whatever you tell yourself, you will eventually believe, and then ultimately become. So think about what you’ve been telling yourself recently. Is that the person you want to become? 

I know what it’s like to feel stuck and unsure of my ability to move forward successfully. It's frustrating and scary. Some of that "stuckness" derives from my personal self-doubt. I've experienced days when self-doubt is so crippling, it paralyzes me into accepting the mundane, as if mediocrity is my deserved lot in life. But if we are given hopes and dreams, then aren't we also given the necessary tools to fulfill them? Potential is in each and every one of us, but to be utilized it must be molded, honed, and acted upon day after day after day. And before we can realize our potential, we must first believe that we are capable!

So what is it that you desire to be capable of? Maybe your statement sounds like:

  • I am capable of happiness.
  • I am capable of love.
  • I am capable of running a half marathon.
  • I am capable of being a good mom.
  • I am capable of succeeding at my dream job.
  • I am capable of getting out of debt.
  • I am capable of feeling confident about my body.

Whether it be through a devotion, prayer time, journaling, or meditation, I would love for you to join me in this exercise! I'll share my experience next month when I introduce February's mantra, and would love to hear how taking time to be still and thinking positively impacts you! 

Fill in the blank. What do you want to believe you are capable of?

  • I am capable of _____________________.