Monthly Mantra: I Am Content

Monthly Mantra: I Am Content | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by  Kelsey Cherry  | Hand Lettering by  Amy May Paper

Monthly Mantra: I Am Content | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Kelsey Cherry | Hand Lettering by Amy May Paper

If you've been following along, you know last month was the first time I've practiced meditating on a consistent schedule. My goal was to start out with sitting down once a week for at least 5 minutes and practice taking deep breaths, praying, and concentrating on the phrase "I am capable." On the days I practiced, I noticed I was able to progress through the rest of my day less hurried, calmly responding to unexpected (even inconvenient) speed bumps I encountered throughout the day. I was far more aware of how I was feeling, what I was needing, and how to best handle various situations.  Holding onto pieces of my meditation throughout the day, I could actually feel my stress lose much of its power!

After last month's experience, I'm so excited to continue and even extend my new practice! So for the month of February, I'll be focusing on the phrase "I am content." The word content means "to be in a state of peaceful happiness." Sounds pretty awesome to me! This is something I've been working on in my own life for the past year, and I'll be honest with you, I've had a tough time finding the right words for this post. There are still moments where I find myself feeling dissatisfied with my life and putting my hope for happiness in superficial things, thinking "if I just had ________ , then I'd be happy/at peace/satisfied/etc."

 I found myself in that cycle last week, and I quickly noticed how much that mentality was negatively impacting my every day life and daily decisions. It was taking away my ability to be present, causing me to become hurried, preoccupied, and even cynical. I've been fortunate enough to spend time with a few people in my life who are very content and they are so inspiring! The amount of positivity and peace they emit is palpable. Every single time I leave their presence, I think, "wow, I want to be like that!" I want to be content, happy, satisfied, and positive, regardless of my circumstances. I want to be present in the moment, so I can make conscious choices that support who I ultimately desire to become.

At church this past week, our pastor made the statement, "being content is not a stuff issue. It's a heart issue." It's a learned behavior. If I don't start actively looking in the right place for my hope and peace, I'll be continuously let down and exhausted. If I don't learn how to be content with my current (pretty darn great) circumstances, I won't be content with my future, regardless of how wonderful it may be. Practicing contentment allows us to be present, calm, and balanced, three qualities that I strive to build my own wellness around.

So for the month of February, I'll be continuing my journey towards contentment. For me, this means I will focus on the many blessings I have in life during my meditation. Regardless of my circumstances, positive or negative, I will practice choosing to be in a state of peaceful happiness.

How do you find contentment in your life?