Monthly Mantra: Renew

Monthly Mantra: Renew | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by   Amy May Paper

Monthly Mantra: Renew | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by  Amy May Paper


Happy March 1st! This time of the year is full of new life and fresh air, and I absolutely love it! I'm always amazed at the beauty within each season and how they seem to come at the perfect time. I look forward to the longer days and warmer weather as springtime arrives and alleviates us from the cold, gloomy grays of winter. 

I've already heard quite a few people say "I can't believe it's already March!" As cliché as it is, time really does fly. By the time March rolls around, many people have long forgotten their well-intended New Year's Resolutions. Their excitement for reaching their goals is now overshadowed by life's day-to-day tasks. If you've been thinking about the goals you set for this year and are disappointed about getting off track, I have good news for you: Now is the perfect time to renew them! The word renew means to make something new and fresh. To begin something again with more strength and enthusiasm. Springtime is a natural reminder for us to do as nature does: Begin again. 

Every morning is an opportunity to start over. It is far too easy for me to take my days for granted, so to put this into practice, I'll be mindfully starting over each of the 31 days in March. Every evening, I'll look at my schedule and plan out how I can make the next day as ideal as possible. I will visualize and write down how I want to begin my day, what foods I will choose to eat, how I want to interact with the people I encounter, the ways I will mesh my goals into my day, and how I want to wind down and end the day. Even the seemingly mundane, everyday tasks can mean something if they're done with good purpose. My days may not always go as planned, but my hope is that as each day passes, I become more present, grateful, and intentional with my time! 

So what do you need to renew? Maybe it's your faith or a close relationship. Maybe you need a fresh sense of motivation for your workouts. Or courage to make a major change. Perhaps you need a renewed sense of strength with your food choices. Whatever it may be, each morning is the perfect time to begin again!

I hope you'll join me! Here's to warm spring days and new beginnings!