Pumpkin Spice Granola


It’s officially the month of the pumpkin! I have to be honest with you, I’ve never made anything, besides jack-o-lanterns, that included actual pumpkin. There's a first time for everything, so I decided to play around with this festive vegetable in more than just a decorative way!

I’ve been really wanting to make my own homemade granola. Granola is one of those health foods that has so much potential to add essential nutrients to your diet.  However, a lot of store bought granola is packed with preservatives, added sugars, or artificial sweeteners, making it less desirable. Not to mention, making your own is easy and cheaper!

As I began researching pumpkins, I was pleasantly surprised to discover all the nutrients they contain.  Pumpkin seeds are actually a good source of protein, and contain magnesium and zinc. The meat of the pumpkin also contains quite a few essential vitamins, minerals, and is a great source of fiber. So not only is it nutrient dense, but it's also incredibly filling!

This recipe was extremely easy. I basically guesstimated the amounts of each ingredient to put in, so there is a lot of leniency and room for creativity! Shall we call this the #PSG??

Some of my favorite ways to eat granola are on top of greek yogurt, as a cereal substitute with almond milk, or in a smoothie bowl (specifically on top of my Apple Spice Smoothie)!

I'll definitely be experimenting more with recipes that include pumpkins while they're in season! What is your favorite pumpkin recipe?