Roasted Root Vegetables


If I had to pick one vegetable to eat everyday for the rest of my life, it would probably be a sweet potato. They're so versatile, delicious, and nutrient rich! So I'll take any excuse to eat them. I was over at a good friend's for dinner when I was first introduced to these roasted root vegetables. Just one of my friend's many talents is her ability to take any variety of ingredients and "whip up" some seriously delicious food. *Side note, she was a guest on Trisha Yearwood's cooking show, Southern Kitchen. So if that doesn't give her kitchen credibility, I'm not really sure what would. Needless to say, it's a good thing we're close friends because I couldn't stop eating these, they were so delicious!

Root vegetables are known for being an awesome source of fiber, making them really filling. They are also high in vitamins (A, C, and B vitamins) and minerals due to how well they absorb them from the soil. These are incredibly easy to make, also leaving room for substitutions if you like. I added rosemary to them because I love it and can eat it on anything! 

This is one of my favorite sides to make for larger groups of people. It goes with any main course and is a great way to eat vegetables that are currently in season. This would be a great dish to take to Thanksgiving or Christmas dinner!

What is your favorite way to eat root vegetables?