Summer Arms + Abs Plank Workout

Summer Arm + Abs Plank Workout | Jennifer Diaz

Summer is coming , the weather is getting warmer, and pretty soon it'll be too hot to breathe here in Tennessee, let alone wear sleeves! I personally love this time of year! Right now, Nashville is covered in gorgeous shades of green and all I want to do is spend time outside. While I don't believe you need to look a certain way to wear sleeveless shirts or bathing suits, it really is awesome when you feel confident and comfortable in whatever attire you're wearing!

Lifting weights regularly has a positive impact on our bodies by making them more efficient, increasing our muscle-to-fat ratio, decreasing our risk for injury, and helping prevent chronic diseases. Not only that, but did you know that resistance training can also greatly improve our overall self-esteem? Being able to see your progress, increase your levels of strength, and stay consistent with a routine can all lead to body confidence and improve how we feel about ourselves as a whole. Here is one study that shows the correlation between weightlifting and positive emotions. Getting a regular dose of endorphins helps brighten our days and makes us feel happier! Sign me up for all of the above!

Below is a workout that will help you strengthen your arms and abs, so you feel confident shedding some layers as the temperatures rise! I love workouts that efficiently work multiple muscle groups at the same time, and most of these exercises are performed in a plank position. Needless to say, your abs and shoulders will be feeling this one later!

Have an awesome workout and here's to feeling confident and strong this summer!

Photography by Kelsey Cherry.