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5 Moves For A Total Body Interval Workout

One of my favorite ways to stay active while I'm on vacation is to take my workouts outside so I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery! And my favorite scenery is a beautiful sandy beach! The sound of the waves crashing against the shore brings about a sense of calm, raising my awareness of the rhythm of my breath. The unstable sand provides nuanced challenges to my every move. Together, these two elements create an awesome mind-body workout!


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The 10 Minute Workout

One of the most infamous exercise excuses across the board is "I just don't have the time." Then you have coaches, trainers, and other health professionals constantly rebutting that phrase, because we can't imagine not having the time for something that we practically eat, sleep, and breathe daily. But if I'm candid with you, there are days when I also feel like I don't have time.

One of my favorite sayings is “some is always better than none.” Even if that some is a mere 5-10 minutes, it is much better than no minutes at all.

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