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Summer Arms + Abs Plank Workout

Summer is coming and pretty soon it'll be too hot to breathe, let alone wear sleeves! Lifting weights regularly has a positive impact on our bodies by making them more efficient, increasing our muscle-to-fat ratio, decreasing our risk for injury, and helping prevent chronic diseases. Not only that, but did you know that resistance training can also greatly improve our overall self-esteem?


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5 Moves For A Total Body Interval Workout

One of my favorite ways to stay active while I'm on vacation is to take my workouts outside so I can also enjoy the beautiful scenery! And my favorite scenery is a beautiful sandy beach! The sound of the waves crashing against the shore brings about a sense of calm, raising my awareness of the rhythm of my breath. The unstable sand provides nuanced challenges to my every move. Together, these two elements create an awesome mind-body workout!


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Total Body Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are one of my favorite pieces of equipment to use for a quick and efficient workout. They've been around for centuries and are known for their odd, asymmetrical shape. Core strength and improved balance are a couple of the more well-known benefits of using kettlebells, and rightfully so. A strong core and stabilizing muscles play major roles in the health of our lower backs and joints, decreasing our risk for severe injuries. Studies have shown that performing functional moves with kettlebells not only can increase strength and balance, but it can also improve flexibility and aerobic endurance (combine all of these and you practically cover every aspect of a well-rounded fitness program).


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