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4 Stretches for Runners

In my last post, 8 Stabilizing Exercises for Runners, we discussed how important it is for runners to cross train and strengthen key muscles utilized for running! Another form of cross training that is extremely beneficial for runners is stretching! Not only do you want your muscles to be strong enough to handle the stress of longer runs, but you also want to make sure your muscles are pliable, so you can protect your muscles and tendons, and perform optimally on race day. 

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8 Stabilizing Exercises For Runners

The Country Music Marathon is three months away and over the past few weeks (sans the last few beautiful snowy days) the sidewalks here in Nashville have been busy with more walkers and runners than usual! Setting a goal of running a half or full marathon is a great way to elicit motivation and gain consistency in your exercise routine! You can also build community by joining a training group and meeting new people with similar interests! In my opinion, one of the most important things you can do for yourself when preparing for a race is cross train. Making sure the muscles heavily involved in your gait are strong and can endure the mileage plays a huge role in the health of your joints, success of your race, and how you'll feel after you cross the finish line!

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Total Body Treadmill Workout

I'm a runner. Not necessarily a fast one, but I run pretty regularly. I enjoy the mental break, as well as the rush of endorphins I get after a good 30 minutes of "pounding the pavement". Usually, I prefer running outside! There is something so wonderful about being surrounded by nature and soaking up as much of the views and vitamin D as possible, all while getting a little exercise in! However, as much as I like to be outdoors even in the winter, I do have my limits. For the past few days, it's been pretty darn cold here in Nashville!

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