The 10 Minute Workout


Photo by Kelsey Cherry

One of the most infamous exercise excuses across the board is "I just don't have the time." Then you have coaches, trainers, and other health professionals constantly rebutting that phrase, because we can't imagine not having the time for something that we practically eat, sleep, and breathe daily. But if I'm candid with you, there are days when I also feel like I don't have time. Or maybe I do have time, but I'm so exhausted and/or ravenously hungry that exercising is the last thing I feel like doing. I have a few clients who, after telling me about their days and schedules, I applaud for even showing up to our sessions. 

Life gets busy. Especially in our culture, where packed schedules and full agendas are glorified. Yes, I do believe we make time for things that are important. However, as much as we might not like to admit it, exercise is not always at the top of our priority lists. 

One of my favorite sayings is some is always better than none. Even if that some is a mere 5-10 minutes, it is much better than no minutes at all. Will you burn 600 calories? No, but your body will still experience positive responses to the quick bout of exercise (hello, serotonin)! This will not only help you feel better physically, but also mentally, giving you momentum to continue making healthy choices. 

So for those of you who don't have a lot of time, I wanted to share one of my quick, go-to workouts that helps me stay on track without taking up a large portion of my day. There’s no equipment required so you can do this anytime and anywhere! 

Spend a couple of minutes warming up (jumping jacks, body weight squats, walk/jog, etc.). Set your timer for 10 minutes (or 8, or 5, really just however much time you have). Perform 10 repetitions of each exercise and go through all 6 exercises as many times as you can in 10 minutes. The intensity of this workout is up to you. Listen to your body. If you need to rest in-between exercises, take a quick breather. If you want high intensity, don’t stop and rest until the timer goes off. The goal is to work through these as quickly as possible with proper form!

Photos By  Kelsey Cherry  I Graphic By  Amy May Paper

Photos By Kelsey Cherry I Graphic By Amy May Paper

After the workout, walk it out for a minute or two and stretch well! Also, don't forget to pat yourself on the back. You just finished a great total-body workout, despite your busy schedule! And that, my friends, is a win!

Have a happy and fit Monday!