Valentine's Partner Workout

Valentine's Partner Workout | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by  Kelsey Cherry

Valentine's Partner Workout | Jennifer Diaz | Photo by Kelsey Cherry

Not long ago, my husband Eric and I were talking about what our "perfect" days would look like (if you haven't had that conversation with someone, I highly recommend it!). It was really fun to discover each other's idea of a perfect day and it gave us so many fun future date ideas. I can't stress enough the importance of making time for yourself, as well as quality time with those we love! It definitely takes intentional planning on our part if we want those aspects of our lives to be healthy. While I think we should show those around us love on a daily basis, Valentine's Day can serve as a great reminder to slow down and do something a little extra thoughtful for the people we care about in our lives. So on this Valentine's Day, Eric and I have decided to celebrate by meshing our "perfect days" together!

Some of my favorite ways for Eric and I to spend quality time time together involve being active! Even if that simply means just working out on our own at the same time, it's motivating to see each other working hard and taking care of ourselves. I especially love coming up with tandem moves that require different strengths and trust when we do exercise together. In my opinion, one of the best ways to stay motivated with your workouts is to have a workout buddy who encourages and challenges you! When we work out together, I always leave feeling more challenged than I do on my own. Not to mention, I have way more fun and am usually laughing throughout the workout, which I definitely consider an added bonus for my abdominal muscles.

Below are 10 of my favorite partner exercises. Grab a buddy, warm up well for 5-10 minutes with light-moderate cardio, and have some fun!

1. Single Arm Down Dog High-Five

This is a great move to work on shoulder and core stabilization!

  • Start in the down dog position and reach your left hand back to touch your right foot. 
  • Next, move forward into a full plank position and slap hands.

Perform 15 and then switch sides!

2. Partner Pistol Squats

Pistol squats are one of my favorite lower body moves. These are great for strengthening and toning your legs and glutes.

  • Stand on your right leg with your toes facing each other.
  • Lift your left leg straight out in front and sit back and down, making sure your knee stays behind your toes.
  • Lower down as far as you can
  • Using each other for stability, press through your heel and stand all the way back up.

Perform 10 and then switch legs!

3. Push Press Pike

This move works shoulders, triceps, and abs for both people!

  • Start with one person lying on their back with their feet hip to shoulder-width apart.
  • The top person is in a full plank position and each person is holding onto their partner's ankles.
  • Lower down into a pushup, press all the way back up.
  • Then, the person on the bottom sits all the way up keeping their hands straight up towards the ceiling, as the person on top engages their abs and lifts their hips.

*The wider your hand placement, the easier the push up. If the push-up is too difficult, forego it completely and focus on the sit-up/pike instead.

Perform 12 repetitions.

4. Trust Squat + Medicine Ball Twists

This move works the lower body (quads especially), as well as the core! 

  • Standing back to back, slowly walk your feet out until you are both in a squat position.
  • Use each other for leverage and stability by keeping your backs together.
  • Slowly twist and pass the ball to each other.

Perform 15 repetitions and then switch directions!

5. Double Plank Push-Up

This is such a fun move that works your shoulders, triceps, and core like crazy!

  • Start with both people in the push-up position and the bottom person's feet shoulder-width apart.
  • The top person's feet should be hip-width apart and placed over the shoulder blades of the person on bottom.
  • Lower down together, slowly, and then push back up to the starting position.

Perform 10 Repetitions.

6. Medicine Ball Throw Sit-Ups

This move works your abs and lats!

  • Start by locking your feet together and lifting them off of the ground.
  • Then, keeping your abs contracted, lower all the way back onto the ground.
  • The person who has the medicine ball, keep your arms straight and take it overhead, lowering it down to the ground.
  • Then, both of you sit up and throw the ball to the other person.

*To modify this keep your feet on the ground the entire time.

Perform 20 repetitions each.

7. Renegade Row + Foot Taps

I love renegade rows! They are so fun to play around with and this move is no exception. This works your upper back, shoulders, and total core (especially the obliques)!

  • Both people start out in a full plank position with your feet shoulder-width apart, a weight in one hand, and the other hand directly under the shoulder.
  • In unison, lift the weight as high as you can, keeping your hips facing the ground.
  • Then, place the weight back on the ground and take your outside leg under as you twist, straighten it, and tap feet.

*To make this move more difficult, add a push-up before the row.

Perform 15 repetitions on each side.

8. Iso Squat + Chest Pass

This is a great move for improving muscle endurance in the lower body, as well as working your chest and shoulders!

  • Both people lower down into a squat position
  • Stay in that position the entire time as you pass the medicine ball back and forth with both arms.

Perform at a quick pace for 60 seconds.

9. Reverse Crunch + Ball Tap

One of my favorite ab exercises is the reverse crunch. It does a killer job at working the lower abs, especially when you lift your hips straight up, off of the ground! This is also fun because it works the standing person's shoulders as they hold the ball straight out in front of them. 

  • Start with your partner standing, feet hip width apart and knees slightly bent, holding the weight straight out in front of them.
  • Lie on your back and grab your partner's ankles. Keeping your legs straight, lower them down until they're about 6 inches off of the ground.
  • Then bring your legs back up and lift your hips straight up as high as your can to touch the stability ball.

*To make this move easier, bend your knees slightly or only take your legs half way to the ground.

Perform 20 repetitions and switch places.

10. Plank Push-Ups

This move is a fun variation of a push-up that makes it challenging for both people. It works your chest, shoulders, triceps, and core!

  • Start in a push-up position with one person completely on the ground. 
  • The other person gets in an inverted push-up position by placing their hands a little wider than shoulder width apart and carefully placing one foot across the shoulder blades and the other across the hips (below the lower back).
  • Slowly lower down into a push-up and then together, press back up to the starting position.

Perform 10 repetitions.

These 10 moves make for one heck of a total body workout! Go through all of these 2-3 times and be sure to stretch really well afterwards!

Here's to a happy, fit, and fun-filled Valentine's Day!

How do you plan on celebrating?

Photos by Kelsey Cherry