What I'm Reading: Sunday Suppers


I was perusing one of my favorite local convenience stores with a friend when I first picked up Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai. This book is beautiful and I was immediately drawn to the images inside! As I began reading, I became enthralled by the scenes that are set up for you. This book is not just about how to prepare great food. It’s about an experience, putting an emphasis on connecting with people and enjoying the process of sharing a meal together. It is romantic, inspiring, and unpretentious. Simple yet significant. A beautiful reminder to remain present in our own lives, with the people who are right in front of us and to open up ourselves and our homes despite the messes in order to make real connections.

After reading about each experience, I could hardly wait to try one for myself! I’ve made it a goal to try every meal in this book by the end of next year. I decided to start with the Breakfast in Bed menu which included Cream Biscuits with Jam Butters, Perfectly Scrambled Eggs, Greens, Blood Orange, Green Juice, and French Press Coffee. The directions were simple and straightforward and the ingredients were easy to find - two major pluses in my opinion! I did my best to get as many as I could from our local farmer’s market and the rest I bought from an organic grocery store.

One thing I’ve learned about cooking is having a game plan makes the process much smoother and I have a higher chance of everything being ready around the same time. Timing is one of my cooking weaknesses so I started by getting all the ingredients out, washed, chopped, and organized.

Since I don’t have much experience with baking, I decided to begin with the biscuits and jam butter. I was really excited to try the jam butter because we had recently been given homemade jam from some close friends who grew most of the ingredients in their own garden! It was so delicious even Luna tried to sneak a bite!

 As they were baking, I simultaneously made the eggs and greens, which worked out extremely well! Once the eggs and greens were done, I quickly blended all the ingredients for the green juice and then poured them into a cup through a strainer (I haven’t invested in a juicer yet). All that was left after that was cutting the orange and pouring the coffee!

I feel like I should note that this is the first time I’ve ever made scrambled eggs that looked good enough for a picture! And they don’t call them perfectly scrambled eggs for nothing… They tasted so incredible I’m pretty sure even my Grandma would be proud!

The order in which the recipes are set up makes this whole process enjoyable and incredibly easy to follow. Luckily, and maybe for the first time ever, everything ended up being done around the same time! It only took me about 30 minutes to make everything from start to finish and it was absolutely delicious! And enjoying this amazing meal with someone special was the perfect start to the weekend!

Sunday Suppers has me so excited to try more of the menus and experiences within its pages. If you’re looking for some incredible recipes and new ways to spend time with people you care about, I would highly recommend swinging by your local bookstore or convenience store and picking up a copy of Sunday Suppers by Karen Mordechai!

Here’s to sharing incredible food with the people we love!