Winter Workout Gear


One of the most important things you can do if you're going to work out in cold weather, is to make sure you're wearing well-insulated, moisture wicking material. I love cotton, but not when it comes to getting sweaty. Exercising in the winter is tough enough on its own, and wearing the wrong gear may hinder you from getting the most out of your well-intentioned workout. More often than not, I go directly from a workout to meetings, lunch dates, or running errands, so looking put together is a huge bonus!

Since I basically spend about 80% of my week in workout clothes, quality and comfort are my top two priorities when adding to my active apparel selection (looking good is a close third)! I've been searching for some new pieces for this winter that are not only attractive, but also practical. Something that will keep me warm during an outdoor workout or for travel to and from the gym. I've tried numerous brands and have been a longtime lover of Lululemon. Not only do their clothes give me the best fit, but I'm also a firm believer in their mission statement and I admire their focus on community! Also, their staff has been nothing but friendly and helpful, making it such a fun and positive experience! 

These are a few of my favorite pieces for this upcoming winter season: 

1. Run and Done Neck Warmer 

This is definitely one of my favorite things! Running or working out with a scarf annoys me to no end, but this neck warmer is the perfect amount of material. It does an awesome job of keeping your neck warm without feeling too bulky. 

2. Run and Done Ear Warmers

If you ever go on a cold weather run and forget to cover your ears, you will die. Just kidding, but it's really is miserable! My favorite thing about this ear warmer is that it actually stays in place and is super comfortable!

3. Run With Me Gloves 

Usually when we are cold, our hands suffer first. Keeping your hands warm is extremely important and can make for a much more comfortable run or workout! These reflective gloves keep your hands cozy, without being too bulky.

4. Ultimate Padded Run Sock

I never thought socks were a big deal until I bought a pair of these moisture wicking ones. Life changing. They were incredibly comfortable and my feet didn't feel the slightest bit sweaty after my run. I'll definitely be going back for another pair or two... So long ice cold post-workout feet!

5. Sunset Savasana Pullover

This sweater will be in heavy rotation this winter! It's the perfect layer for running errands or meeting friends for brunch after your morning yoga session! 

6. Swiftly Tech Long Sleeve Crew & Fluffin Awesome Vest

I've been a loyal fan of the swiftly tech shirts for years now. They're comfortable, move easily with you, and are breathable in all the right places. If you're a runner or biker, you will love them! This is the first vest I've ever owned. My friend actually talked me into it and I'm so glad that she did! It is extremely light weight and the material is wind and water resistant, keeping you comfortable and warm!

7. Rest Less Pullover & Fleecy Keen Jacket III

I've received more compliments on this shirt than anything I've ever owned. Not only is it cute, it's made with their brushed material which is extremely soft and light-weight. It's the perfect mid-layer and does a great job of keeping me warm. This Fleecy Keen Jacket is amazing with the double zip (one being the removable hood) and cozy fleece material. Unfortuantely, they don't have any more online (but they might in your local store!), so I've linked another one of my favorites: The Down for a Run Jacket.

I hope this gives you some good ideas for your Christmas list! 

How do you plan on staying active this winter?

Photography by Kelsey Cherry.