You Are Worthy

You Are Worthy | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by  Amy May Paper

You Are Worthy | Jennifer Diaz | Hand Lettering by Amy May Paper

You are worthy.

How do you feel when you hear (or read) those words? Uncomfortable? Hopeful? Uncertain?

It can be easy to lose sight of our value and worth in a world that is constantly screaming, "YOU ARE NOT ENOUGH!" Many of us have fallen for that lie at one time or another, and as a result subtly lowered the standards we set for our own lives, foregoing our amazing potential. But thankfully, we have the power to change that, and instead create our own culture based on self-love, knowing we are designed for a purpose.

While we're all beautifully broken and imperfect human beings, perfectionism and worthiness are not related. I believe you were created with great intention and care, and you have an incredible amount of value, simply because you exist. You're worthy of feeling well, doing purposeful work, experiencing great love, and living a life that excites you. Change begins in the mind, and when we believe in our worth and truly love ourselves, our habits will begin to translate that message, from the way you speak to yourself, what you eat, how you move, to how you choose to spend your time. And not only will that have an incredible impact on you, but it will also have a positive impact on the people around you. If you're wanting to make healthy lifestyle changes, start by believing you are worthy of the life you've been dreaming of.

Over the years I've learned quite a bit from working with a variety of clients, each with different hopes, goals, and dreams. However, there is usually a common thread among all of them: the desire to love themselves and enjoy their lives a little more. The whole purpose of a balanced life isn't simply so we can weigh a certain amount, run farther, or lift things with ease. We eat well and move our bodies purposefully so that we can continue to do things that bring us joy for years to come. We find ways to best deal with stress so we don't lose sight of what really matters. We foster deep, healthy relationships because they are the most important things we have in this life.

Today, I want to be one person that tells you that you are not alone, you are capable of doing amazing things with your life, and you are absolutely worthy of love! I truly believe that, and my hope is that you do too.

Take a moment today, and ask yourself, "On a scale from 1-10, how worthy do I feel?" Be honest, and then imagine how you would feel if you were living at a 10. Do you feel confident? Calm? Excited? Balanced? Write down the emotions you feel, and repeat to yourself, "I am worthy," as many times as you need to, until you start to believe it, and live it.