brittney's story



Wellness coaching was something that I thought would be helpful to have in my life, to help me take care of myself, and find "my balance", physically and mentally. I saw coaching as another aspect of my fitness plan. The biggest plus of wellness coaching is the fact that I have someone who keeps me accountable on my goals, which is great, but also hard when I don’t quite meet my own expectations.

Because I am usually a very reserved person when talking about myself and my struggle for balance, I was hesitant to start the journey. However, once I started meeting with Jennifer and started the coaching process, the hesitation went away. Coaching has been a great motivation for me. I've learned that I am a very determined person outside of my career. When I set a goal for myself, I meet the goal and go beyond in many cases. I have learned that I feel more like myself if I make time to reflect and recharge daily, so I can be the best for my family, friends, and career.

My whole life has been affected by the coaching process. I have made major positive changes in my life since starting on this path. I was able to eliminate bad habits and adopt more healthy habits for a better me. Until I started wellness coaching, I was unaware that I had many things I needed to work on that would make me happier, healthier, and truly me. Jennifer has encouraged me to set goals that I thought I would never set for myself in fitness, meditation, and general life.

Coaching has been a great experience, and one that I would not give up or change. It will be something I will continue to do, to make myself better for me, and those around me.