Incredible things happen when like-minded people work together towards a common goal. I love teaming up with other professionals, brands, and companies to help spread the positive message of health and overall wellbeing. If you're interested in collaborating with me, check out my past work below, and click the link to get in touch!



Adventure well / 04.15.2017

If you love to travel and are yearning for fulfilling adventures more than a couple times a year, check out this collaboration with Athleta to see some tips and tricks on how to adventure well and often!


How to set Social media boundaries / 04.01.17

Because technology and social media will continue to evolve, it's important for those of us who love it to learn how to create healthy boundaries so we can use it well without hurting our wellbeing.


7 WORKDAY Desk Exercises / 02.22.2017

Sitting has been called the new smoking, and since the average person sits up to 7-15 hours every day, I shared 7 exercises that can be done right at your desk.


galentines day brunch / 02.06.2017

Having a strong community is incredibly beneficial for our overall wellbeing. Here I shared how to throw a healthy, uplifting, and fun brunch to celebrate the amazing women in your life.


5 traits of great personal trainers / 07.01.2016

Hiring a great personal trainer is a major self-care decision. I'm sharing 5 traits to look for so you can be sure you're making a well-informed decision.



This recipe is so versatile and delicious, it'll, make you long for the cool air and crispy leaves that arrive with fall.



A delicious and gluten-free twist on a classic dessert option to share with friends and family over the holidays.