veronica's story



 Before I started working with Jen, I would start and stop random diet programs and start exercise programs by being all in.  Typical “all or nothing” behavior and pushing my body beyond its current capabilities.  By nature, I am a perfectionist who is extremely demanding and critical of myself. By focusing on the result more than the steps needed to get there, I did not succeed and ended up injuring myself a couple of times. Though I resisted at first, I began to see that by focusing on each behavior the results would follow in time. Sometimes it took some time.  After a little over two years, Jen has helped me be more accepting of myself and more patient with myself with goal setting by adding baby steps at a time.  I find myself not using as much “all or nothing” thinking.  Rather I try to see each improvement as a victory to be celebrated. I am even finding the joy in find more time to relax and enjoy life.  Most significant of all, I am able to love myself more..